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You loved MUDGIRL and are looking for another 100% female challenge?

Are you ready to replace....

... the mud with sand?

... the 5 km of course with the immensity of a Moroccan desert?

... 2 hours of running with 3 days of trekking?

"Some moments in a woman's life are mountains to climb. But nothing can stop an adventurer on the road to a challenge."

If you are looking for an adventure and are always ready to surpass yourself (as you've shown us during MUDGIRL 2019!), then this contest is THE one you should participate in!

Take your team on the 2019 Trek Rose Trip Morocco, worth $12,000 CAD!

MUDGIRL & DÉSERTOURS share similar values:


3 girls, 3 days and countless memories!

How to win your tickets?

STEP 1: You must be over 18 years old, have a valid Canadian passport (valid uptil May 6, 2020) and be registered for a MUDGIRL race in 2019.


We call on your creativity, mobilize your gang (or not) and tell us about your MUDGIRL eperience on a short 2 minutes (max) video.

What are your reasons for participating in MUDGIRL and how has it been an important and significant event in your life?

You'll be judged on your creativity, testimony as well as on the coherence of your path/personality with the MUDGIRL spirit and the values of the PINKARMY.


Send your application before August 28, 2019 (midnight sharp!) at elisa@sport-era.com.

So... after joining the #pinkarmy, ready to become a pink trekker?

For more information on the Rose Trip Morocco and Desertours, visit their website here.



1. To participate in the competition, you must be a woman, over 18 years, with a valid passport (valid until May 06, 2020) and be registered for one of the MUDGIRL 2019 events.

2. Participants must submit their applications by email to elisa@sport-era.com.

3. The deadline to participate is August 28, 2019 at midnight.

4. The prize to be won is a commitment to the 2019 Trek Rose Trip worth $12,000 CAD. The method of awarding the prize is through a jury.

The prize includes:

  • Registration for three participants

  • Team follow-up with an adventure advisor

  • Transfers between the bivouac and the solidarity challenge stage

  • The sports organization of the trek

  • Free project preparation tools: video advice, book sponsor, funding assistance package, posters and other materials

  • Five nights accommodation in a 4 star bivouac arranged in 32 m² tents (for each team)

  • Full room and board on Moroccan territory from October 31st by noon to November 5th until breakfast

  • Water and fruit supplies throughout the trek stages

  • Medical assistance

  • Organization of the bivouac (setting up and dismantling of the participants' tents with the provision of mattresses and blankets)

  • Showers and toilets at the bivouac

  • An award night (private evening, dinner and drinks)

  • Communication and media coverage before, during and after the trek

  • Civil liability insurances

  • Daily road book and briefings

  • Video broadcasting of each stages, photos on the site of the "live trek"

  • A film and a souvenir photo

  • The security package includes a GPS distance counter and a geolocation box

  • Flight accomodation for the three participants and transfers between the airport and the bivouac A/R

  • The A/R transfer pack between Casablanca airport and the bivouac (bus, nights on half board)

5. The winners of the prize will be chosen on September 5th at 5:00 p.m. at the offices of Sport Era Inc (4780 rue de Rouen, Montréal QC).

6. The winner will be announced on Facebook and contacted by email or messenger (Facebook).

7. The winner must claim her prize before September 9, 2019 by contacting elisa@sport-era.com

8. The winner will be selected by a jury.

9. The person in whose favour an advertising contest is held, his employee, his representative, his agent or a member of the jury and the persons with whom they live with may not participate in this contest.

10. Any litigation respecting the conduct or organization of a publicity contest may be submitted to the "Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux" for a ruling. Any litigation respecting the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the purpose of helping the parties reach a settlement.

11. Each candidate has to submit a video showing her creativity and determination, on which the jury will base it's final decision.

Further details on the price:

  • The prize is a commitment to the 2019 Trek Rose Trip valued at $12,000 CAD in Morocco.

  • This prize is not transferable and is not redeemable for cash value.

  • Only one winner will be chosen by a jury, who will evaluate the originality of the capsule, its testimony as well as the coherence of its path/personality with the MUDGIRL spirit and the values of PINKARMY.

  • The winner may form her team of 3 people (including herself), as long as the additional 2 people meet the criteria set out in point 1 of the contest rules.

  • Please note that by submitting their video capsule, each contest participant (even if they do not win the prize) agrees that Mudgirl's organization may subsequently use the video on their social networks and in their communications.

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